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Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel
February 7 - 9, 2013

1201 Boulevard Rene-Levesque West
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 2L7 Canada

Phone: +1 (514) 878-2000


Annual Conference 7 - 9 February 2013
Sheraton Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

DMC Here and Now:  The Global Edition

DMCs are successfully surviving the buffeting of global trends in the meetings industry.  This conference will focus on emerging influences that impact the daily challenges DMCs face.

Schedule Overview

Wednesday 6 February

8:00 - 11:30 am

1:00 - 5:00 pm 

1:00 - 5:00 pm


CAB Board meeting

DMCP Study Session

ADMEI Board Meeting

Thursday 7 February

8:30 - 12:00 noon   DMCP Exam

9:00 am - 6:00 pm   Registration Open

9:00 - 2:00 pm                    Test Item Writing Conclave & Core Comp.            

3:00 - 6:00 pm     Opening Session: Smart Hunt!

This year's opening session will be like none-other! Be sure to be there right at the beginning. You will have the rare opportunity to get immersed into the conference, mingle with friends; old and new, see the fabulous city of Montreal, experience the latest rage in team building technology with SmartHunts® and have fun at the same time. Blastoff into the DMC Here and Now: The Global Edition Conference - sign up now to experience firsthand the Montreal secrets of ADMEI President Grant Snider.

6:00 - 7:30 pm     Opening Reception


Friday 8 February

7:30 - 8:30 am     Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 10:00 am     General Session: Events with a Purpose

David Adler has recently served as consultant to the Chief of Protocol of the United States working on events and event strategy for the state department and the White House. A new light (not an old par can!) will shine on the event industry as you learn about the latest positioning tools that prove that events are truly the primary way work gets done!

Branding Your Destination: Montreal with Ms. Emmanuelle Legault, Vice President, Marketing, Tourisme Montreal

10:00 - 10:30 am   Refreshment Break in Exhibit Area

10:30 - 12:00 noon   Concurrent Sessions:

                  • Ask the Lawyer with Barbara F. Dunn, Esq, Hutton and Howe LLC
                  • When it comes to destination management legal issues, there's never a shortage of questions for the lawyer. Should I include a force majeure clause in all of my contracts? Should I ask my subcontractors to name my company as an additional insured on their insurance policies? What if my customer cancels our contract? Join Industry Attorney Barbara Dunn as she answers your most burning questions and provides techniques you can begin to implement immediately to avoid common legal issues.

                  • The Global DMC practices with Lorenzo Pignatti, DMCP,

                    Owner & CEO, +39 events, Italy, Moderator; Cosimo Bruzzese

                    Vice President of Business Development and Partner, Briggs, New York City; and Padraic Gilligan, DMCP. Vice President, Ovation Global DMC, Ireland

                  • No matter where your destination is your clients have the same goal - To host a successful meeting, incentive or event that will meet their expectations on service and highlight the host city. We all follow the same steps when working on a program from the proposal, marketing to onsite execution. What do we do the same and what do we do differently from culture to culture? How can we work as a global community to make it easier and more streamlined for our clients?

                    A panel of experts who thrive in the international DMC marketplace will guide you through what makes them successful and discuss different cultural nuances as it relates to working with an international DMC and client. The goal of the session will be to discover new ways to market your company to an international audience successfully and set standards for best practices for the global DMC in sales, planning and execution.

                  • Social Media, The Cloud & Business Operations with Cindy Y. Lo, President, Red Velvet Events
                  • Let's face the truth - the way we do business today is NOT the same way we even did business 5 years ago, let alone 15 years ago. As owner, how are you taking advantage of the latest technology offerings to help streamline your daily workload AND bring more profit down the line? Social media has forever changed the way we market ourselves because it no longer takes millions of dollars to be discovered but it still takes strategic planning and follow through. As an employee of a seasoned DMC firm, how are you blending the new methodology with existing processes to ensure that you are not considered "behind" the times? And what is all this cloud talk about? How much do you spend on hardware and software in a given year? Are these more affordable or dare I say even “free” software options really reliable solutions? If any of the above keeps you up at night, this is the session for you. Fasten your seat belt as Cindy talks fast and is very passionate about business processes and using technology to help further the success of her company Red Velvet Events in the Austin DMC market.

12:00 - 1:30 pm              One-on-one with vendors private appointments to be scheduled in advance

12:15 - 1:15 pm              Lunch

1:30 - 2:45 pm     Concurrent Sessions:

                  • Pricing Pressure with Chris Lee, CEO, ACCESS Destination Services and Pam Graham, Senior Advisor, MCI Toronto

                    DMC's today are getting a haircut everywhere they turn. Hotels want commissions, third parties want overrides or marketing fees, 10% percenters want commission and even some companies outside the normal chain want a piece of our profit (software companies). How do DMC's work in this volatile market and still remain profitable?

                  • Social Media - Legal Ramifications with Barbara F. Dunn, Esq, Hutton and Howe LLC

                    Are social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pintrest the greatest way to market your company's services or are they a legal minefield waiting for your company to step in the wrong place? Has your company considered the legal implications of using social media as a marketing tool? What can companies do to minimize their risk of liability when using social media? Join attorney Barbara Dunn of Howe & Hutton as she leads a discussion on today's hottest social media trends and the legal pitfalls which accompany their use. Topics to be addressed include copyright and trademark infringement, defamation, social media policies, and disclaimers. Don't miss this informative and interactive session!

                  • Part One: Plan-a-thon with David Adler, BizBash and Bent Hadler, Hadler DMC

                    Get around a table with colleagues from other parts of the world! Learn new brainstorming techniques to get the juices flowing and use them when presented with the task… "Plan the screening party for the next Twilight movie." Dig deep, explore your creativity while balancing with bits of reality and off you go. Curve balls may come in, how do you adjust? Learn from the experts and each other in this powerful, hands-on session!

2:45 - 3:15 pm     Refreshment Break in Exhibit Area

3:15 - 5:00 pm     Concurrent Sessions:

                  • Manager’s Guide to Coaching - Employee Training with Roy Charette
                  • Coaching,Change….small company, big company, growing company, shrinking company, merging company…. The DMC climate and environment is changing rapidly! There have been multiple mergers and companies coming under new flags in this past year. Companies are adding systems to become more efficient and we need to help our staff get through it all with a positive outlook resulting in a positive outcome! Roy Charette of Best Team Building will teach us how to build and create a powerful case for implementing change. You will learn how to assess your own skills and comfort with change including how to increase your resiliency while dealing with change associated anxiety and stress. You will learn valuable techniques to dealing with resistance and how to work through pushback from employees. Ultimately you will eliminate unreliable coaching behavior and demonstrate a supportive atmosphere. You will utilize case studies and real life work examples in this valuable workshop.

                  • Customer service vs. experience - how to add compound value to your business with Dan Adams

                    Enough! We have all heard you need to work “on your business” and not “in your business”, but how do I do it?

                    We will pull from EMyth, Zappos, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Disney and experience of working with hundreds of companies to share insight to give you an advantage over the competition.

                    In this session, we will explore how to leverage your expertise and insight to enable you to define and deliver a consistent superior experience to your clients. We will show you how to design, implement, measure and improve systems that will enable you and your staff to deliver a predictable experience which in turn will enable you to:

                    *Improve your business’s value and realize more profit

                    *Increase employee accountability

                    *Speed up training and make it easier to manage and coach your team

                    *Free your time and have the business still perform to your expectations

                  • Part Two: The Pitch,with David Adler, BizBash and Bent Hadler, Hadler DMC

                    We can plan masterful events, but can we sell them? Explore solid techniques to sell your ideas, make your message heard and you WIN the business. After discussion, your team will create a live “pitch”. Film will be rolling and you will get to see, just like a professional athlete…the films. Learn tricks of the trade and how to constructively critique your own as well as your colleagues to hone your selling skills.

Saturday 9 February

7:30 - 8:30 am     Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 10:00 am     Concurrent Sessions:

                  • Growth Thresholds: What's Holding You Back? with Dan Adams

                    Are you in or have ever hit a business plateau? So many companies can exist at the same level for years and inspite of planning and effort do not move on.

                    Then to frustrate the rest, there are the few companies that pass through these obstacles with relative ease. Why? Are they that much smarter than the rest? Is their market easier? Are their employees more diligent? What is the magic sauce?

                    The solution is available to all but be forewarned, it will most likely challenge some of the assumptions that have gotten you where you are today.

                    You will learn:

                    -What are the common business stages and how do you overcome them

                    -Why entrepreneurs do not naturally scale

                    -When your strengths become your companies weakness

                    -How competency can kill growth

                    You will walk out with greater awareness of what you are battling and an agenda to move to your organization the next level

                    For the most benefit, you should be an owner or key decision maker

                  • Sustainable Events - Oxymoron or Your Future? with Allen Wiedman

                    Increasingly event planners are looking for measureable sustainability standards for events, but is sustainability really good for your business? Has sustainability become part of your client's everyday thought process and will it be part of your selection criteria? Will it be regulated in the near future and will it affect my business? What organization has the potential to change your client's product/service selection vocabulary & influence their purchasing criteria to focus on sustainability (Hint - they're not in event business, not even remotely)? Answers to these and other scary business questions will be available during this presentation; have hope, there is light at the end of the sustainability tunnel.

                  • Unconference

                    For many years people who attend conferences - including scientific conferences - noticed something interesting: the best discussions were those that occurred outside of lecture halls. Conversations that happened in the hallways, at the hotel bar, on a bus going to see a local attraction, or, if you are lucky with the location, on the beach, were informative, exciting and useful. This is where real information got exchanged, where younger members learned the “lore” and “tacit knowledge” from their elders in the field, where people started real connections, even friendships, where plans got hatched to start new collaborative projects, and more.

                    Experienced conference-goers can rarely be found in the actual conference rooms, or, if that would sometimes happen, they could be seen dozing off in the back row, or amusing themselves with the technology of the day (doodling on their notepad, later laptops, later iPhones/iPads). The speakers would prepare slideshows, the student presenters would all dress up and then sweat, the organizers would do their best to promote the sessions, only to see the rooms half-empty because everyone is having much more productive conversations out in the hallway.

                    So, some smart people a few years back decide to do something about this. Why not scratch most or all of the boring lecturing from the program, and instead move the hallway discussions into the conference rooms? Thus, the Unconference format was born.

10:00 - 10:30 am   Refreshment Break in Exhibit Area

10:30 - 12:00 noon   Concurrent Sessions:

                  • Succession Planning for the DMC Owner with Fabienne Hanks, 360 DMC and Ellen Burnett, Best of Boston, and Fritz Lehman, Fritz Lehman Consulting

                    Sun setting your career as owner of your DMC, chief cook and bottle washer? Retiring altogether or simply looking for a new challenge? Learn the ins and outs, ups and downs of moving on from your role as a business owner from two of our ADMEI member veterans! Hear two different experiences; Fabienne prepared her business for her son, Ellen Burnett and her partner positioned her business to sell within to the market in general. Hear stories, ask questions, benefit from others' experience!

                  • Dinners, Doors and Deals: The Imperative of International Protocol with Chris Young, President, Protocol and Diplomacy International

                    Once viewed as the exclusive purview of diplomats, royal courts, and the military, protocol now exists as an essential ingredient in fruitful collaborations, negotiations, events, and relationships in a wide range of settings, particularly on the global stage. Simply stated, protocol matters -- who sits where; how you address people; what flags you use; what gifts you present; how you relate to other cultures. In this session, you will learn some of the foundations and tools of protocol and how to employ them in a strategic, focused, and successful manner.

                  • There’s an App for That! With Kevin Brewer, Leo Events

                    This fast paced session will review apps and websites available - many of them very low cost or free - that help solve daily issues to help you deliver the biggest punch in your proposals, service delivery and employee productivity.


12:00 - 1:15 pm            Annual Meeting Lunch

1:30 - 3:00 pm     The Science (not the art) of Leadership Communications with Jack Dougherty

What do master presenters and communicators have that the rest of us don't?
Not much, it turns out.
Though often characterized as an art, academic research is increasingly demonstrating that communications acumen is a science. And it is not some elusive gift granted by the gods—it is learned and earned, and can be exercised and developed like a muscle. The ability to project credibility, convey substance, mitigate conflict, and engage the attention and imagination of others is communicated through very specific techniques.
Everyone has innate communications talent. It simply needs to be unleashed and directed.

6:00 - 10:00 pm            ADMEI Achievement Awards Event and conclusion of Silent Auction


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Our full conference program will feature general sessions of interest to all and focused sessions for sales & marketing specialists, operations managers and owners.  Stay tuned for more exciting details!


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